Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hey, hire me

Im moving to Los Angeles in July, I would be a really good addition to any animation production team. My skills include, 3d modeling, animation, texturing and shading, rendering, file management, compositing, production design / art direction, and generally being a super creative funny person. I have interned as a 3d artist and as a graphic designer. I am a very diligent worker and very good at managing myself and others and getting things done. I worked on a short called Box Forts, my responsibilities included art direction, rendering, layout, designing props, modeling, cleaning up assets, setting up complex skin shaders. I did a lot of other jobs that are more numerous to write down.
My main skill that I believe I excel at is figuring out solutions to problems. I am an excellent problem solver. I learn things really quickly and use my creativity to figure things out. So if you are reading this and can offer me a job in an animation studio big or small, contact me at

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