Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Rarely do i post my opinions or my musings on this blog in text form, but as i finish my undergrad degree i feel as i must make my statement of purpose. I love the animated film. I believe it to be some sort of perfect art form that melds all of other forms of art ( music, dance, writing, painting, acting, design ) into something that elevates the human sole. It may be the best story telling device we have made in the past 100 years. Yet i feel as though its potential has yet to be realized. I must help realize its potential, though being only 22 i have a lot to learn before i can do this. And that is my purpose for the near future. To learn everything i can about designing and crafting a perfect animated story. I will be moving to California and hopefully get the chance to meet and learn from the artists that have created great films of the past so i can create greater films of the future. I must always learn. Its in my inner being to also be the most creative person i can. I am not someone that can live without being creative, I'm not sure how others do it. Creativity is what drives me forward and what will make me an artist till the day i die. That strive for the perfect moment where you know have created something new, you can almost feel it flow thru your body from your inner heart out to the tip of your fingers. I live for those moments. And i must work tirelessly to achieve them. Where i will end up i do not know but i do know i will always work my hardest to be there.

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